Architecture sets the stage and provides the framework, but interior design and furniture can substantially impact the atmosphere and mood of a room.

As interior design trends develop over time, lately, design has been expressed through selected furniture. The interior furniture speaks enough about the priorities and personality and the atmosphere we want to convey.

Cleverly selected pieces of furniture tell the story of an informal but elegant way of life. Although it is an unwritten rule to opt for a timeless design, trends with furniture enhance the space without drawing too much attention to any piece. Sofas, armchairs, tables, ottomans, tables, and chairs are a harmonious blend of art in a collection that contains natural colors and textures, metallic accents, and silhouettes of smooth contours.

Natural colors & textures

Handmade furniture is always a hit. Traditional details on carpentry can further enhance the natural character and feel of the wood (e.g., if the emphasis is on raw materials). Woven materials are another natural material that gives a historical context to the piece, reminiscent of ancient Italian art. An excellent choice is also minimalist furniture frames complemented by rope, tightly woven threads, creating visually exciting patterns without adding distraction, which retains the versatility and aesthetics of the piece.

Metal frames

Dining tables and coffee tables that have tapered cast metal legs give a feeling of visual lightness. Table legs can also be made in various finishes mixed and matched to the tabletops in multiple options, e.g., marble or wood. Excellent examples are the metal frames and cast legs of the bed, which can complement leather, and a padded headboard, which combines hard and soft textures. Metal elements are, of course, available in multiple finishes to match fabric and headboard options.

Soft outlines

Without sharp corners, sofas with gently rounded geometry create a silhouette that is still modern and doesn’t look sharp. The smooth contours of chairs and armchairs create comfort surrounding those who sit inside. Soft outlines give a continuous, homogeneous look to the piece without sacrificing initial interest.