We deeply believe that better design makes life better.

The synergy of all members of our team and detailed expertise allows us to offer the client everything,
from a unique creative concept, architecture, interior brand design to the execution of works.

Therefore, our team is divided into the architecture and interior design team Atelier 01, Typo1, which covers brand architecture,
and Maison et Bureau, a team in charge of project management and execution according to project documentation.

AI ―――


The beauty of the balance of art and design. Every detail, from idea to construction is truly thoughtful.

ID ―――

Interior Design

With rich experience, we manage projects , whether you want a new interior or redesign of an existing one – rest assured that our experienced team will be dedicated to you throughout the entire process.

BA ―――

Brand Architecture

The complete creative process, design, and creation of brand identity, which closely follow the architecture of the interior.

Just like empty page needs words to convey the meaning, each space needs objects to create a living form.

We understand that story can go into different directions, so we treat our projects the same, expressing and emphasizing different qualities of space we design.

Stories ―――

Expressing interior architecture with furniture

Architecture sets the stage and provides the framework, but interior design and furniture can substantially impact the atmosphere and mood of a room. As interior design trends develop over time, lately, design has been expressed through selected furniture. The interior furniture speaks enough about the priorities and personality and the ...

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